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We put together this subscriber-level report to get you up to speed on three important indicators our analysts are watching closely right now but few other analysts are talking about. These indicators are moving lightning fast, so if you want to get ahead, this is your opportunity.

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To stay ahead of these risks and opportunities, you must get ahead of them first.

When we warned our subscribers about the risk in the subprime mortgage market in the early 2000s, few investors knew what it was, much less how their portfolios were dangerously exposed. Now, thanks to the real estate meltdown and popular films like The Big Short, "subprime" is a household term. Same goes for creative financial instruments like collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps and more. But there's a hot new derivative on the market you might not have heard of -- at least not yet. Why? Because, well, it hasn't blown up yet. But like the subprime market and CDOs, it too is on a path for infamy.

Why are these indicators important? Because to stay ahead of the risks and opportunities, you must first get ahead of what no one else sees coming. And this short 3-part report -- a quick 5-minute read -- is the ideal first step.

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Meet Your Authors

Steve Hochberg

Steven Hochberg Chief Market Analyst

Steven Hochberg is the Chief Market Analyst for Elliott Wave International. He is the co-editor of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and editor of The Short Term Update. Hochberg began his career with Merrill Lynch & Co. and joined Elliott Wave International in 1994.


Peter Kendall

Peter Kendall Co-Editor, Elliott Wave Financial Forecast

Peter Kendall is co-editor of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast. Pete authored The Mania Chronicles with Robert Prechter in 2009 and contributes to The Short Term Update. Pete began his career as a financial reporter and columnist and joined EWI in 1992.